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< These are just some of the reactions to my Girth System >

Tired of working with a small to average penis girth? Not any more:

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Hello Friend,

From: Johnny Sack (author and 1.5" girth gainer)

An increase in penis girth is the most sought after male enhancement, and for good reason. Penis girth is what drives women wild and bigger is always better!* The Increase Girth™ system is a real, all natural way to permanently increase your girth using only your hands and my exclusive never before seen exercises and techniques.

*Warning: Before you go further, my girth increasing program should used be with extreme caution! Seriously, big girth can sometimes make oral and regular sex more difficult. Anal (if that's your thing) might be completely off the table...

That said, I would not give back my big girth - ever. =)

Let me start by asking if you:

  • Are tired of being asked the degrading question "is it in yet?"
  • Feel your thickness just isn't pleasuring your partner like it should.
  • Are generally bummed out because you are small to average and you know how judgemental some chicks are, especially the first time.
  • Still can't believe that one chick called you a needle dick. Not cool.
  • Tried other programs / products but only saw disappointing results.
  • Are okay with your current size but know a bigger girth would bring your sex life and confidence to new unchartered territory.

If any of those things sound familiar, then you'll want to keep reading...

I Used to be Average in Every Sense

My own story is pretty typical - in the beginning at least. For most of my 29 years, I had a very average penis (roughly 6" x 5") by any standard. And that makes sense, after all there's a reason it's called average, right? Porn, marketers, and shallow girls are great at skewing this to make our average numbers feel somehow miniscule.

It's unfair and it sucks, but it's a reality and I'm sorry if it's had a negative impact on you. Me, I was okay. I had accepted my size and while I knew it wasn't helping me with the ladies, it was perfectly "adequate". Still, I fantasized about having a bigger penis - particularly a bigger girth. It probably won't surprise you that:

75% of Women Desire a Thicker Penis

But what was I to do? Women weren't exactly complaining (or screaming), and I did not know of any viable options. As part of my work, I had already written a scathing report about so called "enlargement pills" and how the only power they have is in making your wallet shrink. Then I got a life changing email from a colleague:

"Joe! Heard about these natural penis enlargement exercises. Think there might be something there. Maybe check it out for your next column. Looks very interesting."

What the hell. If there was any truth to this, I needed to know for myself and my audience. It didn't take long before I found myself fully immersed in the mysterious world of natural penis enlargement. Men from all around the world were claiming real penis size gains. I was quickly jelqing and stretching my own unit. It had begun.

Penis Enlargement Exercises Work, But...

I saw results. Slowly. Amazingly, my penis was indeed getting bigger.

Natural penis enlargement - through exercise - is real. Maybe you know this already, maybe you don't. A year ago, I was ignorant to this extraordinary fact.

If you are skeptical at this point, that is 100% understandable. Natural penis enlargement is one of those things you simply have to try to believe. You aren't going to learn about it from your doctor or in middle school health class.

Back to my story. I was growing. Unfortunately, my gains almost came entirely in the length department. I wasn't complaining, but I was really hungry for girth. The more I learned, the more pessimistic I became. Apparently girth gains are very hard to come by. No one seemed to have an answer for quick and reliable girth gains...

Cracking the Girth Code

I got serious. A this point I had gained over an INCH in length, but my girth gains were virtually non existent. Surely there were some exercises or techniques that could make my penis as wide and girthy as I so badly desired.

My next move was a logical one. Follow the gains. Being a frequent regular on the forums, I hit up the top girthers. I flew all over the country - and world! Canada, Australia, Denmark... I interviewed the best of the best. For example this one Danish guy I met - ThikDik - had claimed to have gained over 2 and a half inches in girth.

Ultimately I devised a system based on everything I had learned. After just ONE of my custom girth routines, I swear my dick felt different. Heavier. This was it...

The holy grail to bigger girth?

It didn't take long. The gains came steadily from then on. Each week I noticed a difference. My penis was increasingly thicker, harder, and just plain old bad ass!

After about three months of my using my girth exercises and custom routines, I had gone from 5 inches girth to a massive 6.5 inches! Once I had discovered what really worked, it was easy. I had cracked the girth code. =)

So what exactly is the Increase Girth™ program?

  • An all natural system for increasing penis girth using a combination of highly specialized exercises and other secret techniques that stimulates growth.
  • Unlike anything else and designed specifically for maximum girth gains. No other program comes close to delivering results like this system.
  • Exhaustively researched. My penis suffered a great deal of abuse in order to perfect the program. Now you can reap the rewards!
  • Easy to use. To be effective, you must do it right. My system makes it easy.
  • A permanent solution. Gains are with you for life and most men see visible results very quickly. Feel like a whole new man after just ONE month!
  • A stand alone product. Everything you need is included in the package.
  • All encompassing. The system includes a beginner girth routine for achieving your first gains up to an inch and advanced routines for achieving gains over an inch. So no matter where you are in your quest for girth, I've got you covered.

All I can say is holy effin shit! It is amazing to me what only a little extra girth means. My girlfriend of a year noticed something was different after only two weeks of following your girth exercises. Of course I play dumb but she is loving it and can't get enough of my new and improved cock. I LOVE IT!

Customer Email - Nathan, New Zealand

Here's what you can expect from the Increase Girth™ program:

  • A thicker penis - noticeably so in both your erect and flaccid states! This is precisely what the program was designed for and delivers better than ANY alternative on the market. Typical girth gains are between 1 and 2 inches.
  • A wider penis. The girth is the actual circumference of the penis, but you will also notice it becomes wider across. Trust me, chicks love this.
  • Overall bigger, stronger, more powerful erections. Men on leading erection drugs have reported the IG system delivers similar if not better improvements!
  • Permanent gains. Once you have 'em, they're not going anywhere so the time spent exercising yields an enormous return on your investment.
  • Length gains. Although the program focuses on girth, length gains are inevitable. You can expect to grow around an inch in length on average.
  • Bigger orgasms and increased sexual stamina due to the strengthening and conditioning of your penis. It is sort of like putting it on steroids. Healthy ones.
  • Huge bulging veins! That might not sound sexy but I've had nothing but positive feedback from the ladies here. You literally create a girthy monster!
  • An increase in confidence. I don't care if you are an ego maniac or feel like shit. You will gain considerable confidence from using my program!

I have known Joe for quite some time. I was one of the lucky ones to get to try his system in the testing phase. Having used his unique techniques on and off now, I have cemented in an inch in girth gains. Without a doubt, this is the bible of how to increase penis girth without surgery. Try it for yourself. It really works!!!

Customer Email - Tom Buchanan, Miami

Alright friend, are you ready to start - today? Do it, and your penis will be bigger and thicker in only 28 days. In fact word is spreading fast and my program is in extremely high demand. I've offered private coaching for upwards of $200/hour. My techniques are that good. But I wanted to make my system more accessible, and now I have.

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What is Included with the Increase Girth™ program:

  • 10+ of the best girth exercises ever created!
  • Customized beginner and advanced girth routines.
  • My best length exercises if you want to switch it up!
  • The absolute essential thing you need to do before any routine and why most guys fail at increasing their size at all.
  • Seven things you can do RIGHT now to increase the size of your penis.
  • My full high priority email support.
  • Full access to any future additions I make.
  • *Exclusive Bonuses* With your purchase, get my Guides on Seduction, Stronger Erections, Crazy Sex Secrets, Easy Muscle Building and MORE!

Increase Your Girth and Confidence Today

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I wasn't sure at first having already tried a few popular penis enlargement products. From those I've only seen about a quarter inch gain and basically NO girth unfortunately. It has been very frustrating. Now only three weeks into the increase girth exercises and can already see the difference. WOW!

Customer Email - Toby L., United Kingdom

I can not thank you enough for this girth increasing system. Only half in an inch so far and my confidence and general outlook on life is THROUGH THE ROOF! ;)

Customer Email - Stephen J., Seattle, WA.

I've tried them all and can say without hesitation, this is my favorite natural penis enlargement program. A game changer for sure and every guy should try it!

Customer Email - Jack J., Atlanta Ga.

I am totally new to any penis enlargement but thought your program looked interesting. Jumped into the exercises and love how my penis feels so far. After just the first routine it felt bigger and your instructions could not be easier to follow. Thanks for this incredible package and I will keep you posted!

Customer Email - Ritchie, Australia

I was always a good size but the extra girth gained so far has made a big difference. It only takes a little for the ladies to really notice. Huge thanks!

Customer Email - Kramer D., South Africa

I've been using your program for three months now and am in shock every time I look down. You've created a monster out of me! Hitting the 5 and a half inch thickness was a major breakthrough. Most girls now consider me "big" which is an amazing feeling! Hands down the BEST PRODUCT I'VE EVER PURCHASED!!!

Customer Email - Denny M., Chicago IL

Fantastic results so far! My penis is thicker and I'm only getting started. I have "anonymously" recommended it to my friends online because hey, I'm a great guy.

Customer Email - Michael Binger, Las Vegas

I'm terribly insecure about my girth. I'm about 4.5 inches mid-shaft erect girth, and about 4.4 inches at the base. I'm about 6.5 inches in length. I guess I fall in the average range, and I've been told by most of the women I've been with that I'm good in bed but being less than average girth really bothers me!

Well that's all changed. I have been using the increase girth exercises for a month now and can't believe my eyes! My penis is definitely thicker in the middle. Doing the routine is now the best part of my day! The girls have noticed too. ;) Thx!!!

Customer Email - Thorsten S., Heidelberg Germany

Joe's system is the real deal. I've been using enlargement exercises for years now but have never had much success adding girth. I started seeing results in less than a month which for my super conditioned penis is just incredible. Thanks!

Customer Email - Anon

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To a bigger girth and killer sex,
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